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DMC4 Dante coat!


New member
So for those of you that cosplay Devil May Cry 4 Dante, or even those that just REALLY love his DMC4 coat (such as myself), how would you like the chance to own a high quality, OFFICIALLY LICENSED by Capcom, replica of his coat (in your color choice of red or black and a material choice or vegan leather or 100% genuine leather)? Or how about a DMC4 Dante hoodie (In your color choice of red of black)? And what about a pair of genuine leather DMC4 Dante shooting gloves? Well, you just might be able to purchase such things.

There is a website called “AbbyShot" that made such a coat! They are a Canadian company that makes premium, high quality, cosplay coats that are so well made they are even suitable for everyday wear. Unfortunately, their DMC4 product line has been discontinued. But fear not. I have asked them if they had any plans to unvault their DMC4 Dante coat with the announcement of DMC5. They said no, BUT, they DID state that if enough people showed interest in it, it's a possibility their DMC4 product line could return! If you would like the chance to own a premium quality DMC4 Dante coat, Dante Hoodie, OR pair of shooting gloves, go to their website using this link, https://www.abbyshot.com/pages/contact-us, leave your name, email, and tell them in your comment that you would be interested in the return of the DMC4 product line

Even Reuben Langdon himself has the 100% leather coat! (Dante’s voice/MOcap actor, for those that don't know.) During these product’s original run, the gloves were $19.99, Dante coat hoodie was $89.99, the vegan leather coat was $299.99 and the 100% genuine leather ver. was $749.99. I know these sound expensive, but you are paying for a HIGHLY STYLIZED coat, hoodie, and gloves that are OFFICIALLY LICENSED BY CAPCOM and is made at a high enough quality that they are suitable for everyday wear! A custom made replica of Dante’s DMC4 coat from a good leather worker would cost you anywhere between $1000 to $3000!

Even if you can't afford a coat or hoodie right away, tell them you want to see this coat return! They want to know that there is a big enough market for them to renew their license with Capcom to start making these products again! If all of us DMC fans band together we can get this this product line back! So please, share this with every DMC fan you know and every place you think this will get attention! Let's make this happen! Let's get this amazing coat back on the market! And you can complete your Dante cosplay with an officially licensed coat and gloves, or just be as stylish as our favorite devil slayer on a regular basis just for the hell of it! So let's spread the word and LET'S ROCK!!!

Go to this link, https://www.abbyshot.com/pages/contact-us , leave your name and email with them and tell them you want to see the return of their DMC4 product line. They, at one point,made highly detailed replicas of Dante’s DMC4 shooting gloves and DMC4 coat in vegan and genuine leather as well as a Dante hoodie at are OFFICIALLY LICENSED by Capcom. They have since been discontinued. If we show enough support, they might renew their Capcom License and bring the line back.


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